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Site Moving to Blog Format

Please excuse the dust as the JP Luna Web Design moves to blog format!

Posted by: jpluna | July 21, 2008

“Would You Like a Site with that Blog?”

Golf fashionista Patricia Hannigan (known to many as "Golf Girl")
posted a tweet on Twitter today asking how she can best build a Web site
around her blog.

She’s in the same boat as a lot of folks with successful blogs who are now asking, "Dude, where’s my Web site?"

Many bloggers want the full Web site presence so they can have:

  • A fully branded home page with room for larger than life pictures
  • Pages with fixed views over products or services
  • Strong and focused landing pages for online marketing promotions like Google AdWords, targeted email communications, and widget clickthroughs

How you integrate a Web site with your blog depends on:

  • Type of site (e-commerce, vanity site, etc.)
  • Type of blog hosting company  (Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, etc.)
  • Your Web site goals and objectives.

Based on limited information, I suggest Golf Girl configure her site and blog in a way similar to marketing guru Seth Godin.  Godin has one of the top blogs on the Web but he also wants to promote his array of marketing books.

The following is my suggested architecture for Golf Girl:

  1. Leave the existing The Golf Girl blog alone except for adding a couple of links to the new Web site
  2. Create the main Web site which prominently includes a link to the blog.  On Godin’s site  you get to click on his head to jump to the blog
  3. Figure out what you want users to do on the site (example, buy Golf Girl’s upcoming book) then clear a path to those key actions
  4. Pack up your key Web site elements in a widget then make it available to the world so they can add it to their blogs and sites.

So there you have it, one way to set up a new site to support your pride and joy blog.

You can follow Patricia Hannigan on Twitter at @golfgirl.

Posted by: jpluna | January 17, 2008 – Live! has been humming along with new customers for a couple of months now, according to the owner and JP Luna Web Design client.

Check it out and buy something there if you have any cash left from the holidays.  I like their Powerizer Jumping Stilts products, they are totally cool.

If you have a PayPal account, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX, you are good to go.  If you purchase something or have used the product before, leave a review. screen shot.


Posted by: jpluna | October 27, 2007

Taking a break

I’m taking a break from working on the latest JP Luna Web Design project.

This site will be an ecommerce store with cool features like customer reviews and ratings, in depth product descriptions, and the option of using PayPal in addition to major credit cards.

The site will launch next week and will be added to the Portfolio page so you can check it out.

Posted by: jpluna | September 8, 2007

Create Your Own Logo, Free – Very Cool Tool

This tool let’s you create a logo graphic on the fly by combining images, text, and backgrounds.

These could also make a nice design element on a blog or e-book.

Example logo:

Small_typogenerator_jpluna_logo Blue_arrow_12

Make your own logo at

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